~ Healing Touch Therapy - Therapeutic Massage ~

I offer a nurturing, sacred kind of touch, as I listen to your body, sensing where it wants to go and what it needs. I usually will connect with my inner guides with the intention of being connected to spirit and having it move through me. As all real healing comes from within, I become a vehicle to assist you to move into your essence. I listen to your body’s needs, and let my intuition guide me in healing touch allowing the massage to stimulate the flow of vital life force energy.

My intention is to create a safe space, inviting you to relax, helping you discover a deeper sense of peace and presence. Massage also provides an opportunity for the mind, body, spirit to relax and find a renewed sense of balance.

As the Massage helps bring awareness to the area being cared for, that awareness itself can bring about healing. During the massage, you are offered the chance to be totally nurtured and supported. This allows you the opportunity to let go of any accumulated tensions in the body-mind. By releasing this chronically held tension, the corresponding emotional component can also surface and be released.

I offer a choice of modalities and styles that are deep, therapeutic, nurturing and very relaxing. These include Swedish, Lomlomi, and Lymphatic Massage with the G5® massage system.

I use various types of touch, strokes and manipulations in my relaxing and therapeutic bodywork. I use is an integrative massage style often called Swedish Massage. It is an integrative style using long, flowing circulation strokes, kneading and rocking motions, as well as working on deeper, targeted areas.

I also offer a sacred, temple-style Hawaiian Temple Bodywork – Lomilomi, and Energy Medicine healing arts such as Crystal Reiki Healing, Polarity Therapy, Chi-Aura and EFT. For other therapeutic bodywork and Lymphatic Massage, I offer the G5® Massage System. Please see the related pages on these modalities.

Some Benefits of Relaxing and Therapeutic Massage

Massage can help you to relieve stress, allowing the body to find it’s natural sense of balance. It can help alleviate sore muscles, stiffness and pain held in the body. Receiving a massage also stimulates your circulation bringing nutrients to the muscles, and helps drain the lymph system and increase the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the cells. A good massage increases your flexibility and the strength of your joints, and it feels wonderful as it allows you to allow the stress to dissolve off your physical and emotional body.

My commitment is to enable you to feel a renewed sense of well-being – feeling nurtured, radiant and rejuvenated.


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