~ Chi Aura Healing ~

"Being a channel means being fully and freely yourself
and knowing consciously that you are a vehicle for the highest
creative energy of the Universe." – Shakti Gawain

Chi-Aura Integration practitioners discover the power of life force
energyflowing through them by 'being fully and freely themselves'
– learning to follow their divine intuition and inner guidance for healing.

What is Chi-Aura Integration?

Chi-Aura Integration, or simply Chi-Aura is a simple, but powerful form of energetic healing that balances the chakras. The universe's energy and your body’s energy are of one and the same substance – divine, intelligent 'Chi' energy, light or spirit. With Chi-Aura Integration, this intelligent Chi energy that surrounds you – and is you – will flow, be integrated into, and balanced with the electro-magnetic fields surrounding the physical body (the Aura).

Chi-Aura is a pioneering method of energy medicine that has been evolving since March of 1987 through the work of Master Timothy Dunphy, founder of this work, and his professional associates who practice this powerful, shamanic-style healing modality.

Chi-Aura Integration energy-medicine can help restore balance in your mind-body-spirit. When we stop resisting what is real and universal in ourselves, we can reconnect with Source and re-discover that we are not human beings having spiritual experiences; rather, that we are spiritual beings having physical experiences.

Chi – The Intelligent, Energetic Foundation of All Living Things

In Chi-Aura, the practitioner recognizes and uses their entire body as a "vehicle of Light" to allow, encourage and become one with the flow of nature's innate healing light energies – the foundation and sustenance of all living things. This vital, life-giving energy, often called 'Chi' in the East, is also known as the 'Breath of Life', 'Holy Breath' or 'Holy Spirit' in various Western spiritual practices.

Chi-Aura helps the recipient to open to this universal energy and allow their energetic body to be cleansed of psychic-emotional resistance to well-being by removing negative residue from the chakras' energy system, releasing what no longer serves their good, and assisting healing on all levels of body-mind-spirit. The recipient may feel positive shifts in their energy, warmth, tingling or relief from major or subtle stress in the body-mind as this energy flows into, around and through them during the touch-healing Chi-Aura session.

The Practitioner Prepares for the Chi-Aura Session

Before the session begins, the practitioner practices a 'grounding' meditation called "Connecting to the Hearts of Heaven and Earth" which accesses these multi-dimensional worlds (heaven and earth) and pierces the thin veil between our ordinary, perceptual reality and the non-ordinary reality spoken of in Shamanic teachings. The practitioner and the client are kept safe during the entire Chi-Aura session by Divine Mother's (Earth's) deep healing powers.

The practitioner has learned to merge with the presence of the divine that expresses itself as Earth and Heaven. The practitioner feels a deep connection to her (Earth's) healing powers and with the infinite intelligence of divine guidance (heavens) to intuitively assist them in the healing process.

Description of the Session
At Life Spirit Healing, The client rests comfortably on a massage table and places their hands along your chakras (energy centers).

During the session, the practitioner may contact some of what your body needs to express on a deeper level, and may allow this to be verbally channeled through them allowing you to recognize what your body is experiencing and the healings on various levels that are taking place.

The Earth will draw the stirred up energy out of your body as she draws it deep into her womb, heals it, and returns it to you with healing Light and Love.

Use of Vocal Sounds in the Session
The practitioner may use sounds, as well as specific hand positions and techniques that are inter-woven with shamanic elements in this powerful form of energetic healing. Sounds trapped in the cells by trauma, can exit the client's body by the sounding of the practitioner. Also healing, harmonious sounds come from other domains through the practitioner to spontaneously soothe or loosen trauma enabling it to exit the body easily.

You yourself may experience light or deep emotions, laugh, cry, having various energetic, verbal or physical responses, or you may simply lie there silently and motionless during the entire session. Either way is fine. Verbal or physical responses may be part of your needed healing process, so you may choose to allow these responses to happen. Your body knows what you need to heal.

Benefits of Chi-Aura
Chi-Aura assists the recipient to open to, and allow the following benefits to the body, mind and spirit:

  • Cleanse intra-psychic blocks and resistance (physical and emotional) to
    your personal fulfillment

  • Helps balance the chakra and effects the body's aura – bio-electric and
    bio-magnetic fields

  • Help restore energetic and emotional balance in your mind-body-spirit.

  • Open your own natural, energetic flow while you are re-charged

  • Promote energetic revitalization and integration, and increase health

  • Experience the loving touch of shamanic energy-bodywork

  • Open to profound healing at all levels of your being

We offer a sincere thank you to Master Timothy Dunphy for his excellent, instructional Chi-Aura Integration healing workshops, practitioner trainings and personal healing sessions.


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