~ Testimonials ~

"I began my first session with Adora Deva on 10/16/09, signing up for eight sessions. Referred by my acupuncturist for facial swelling after cataract surgery, it was apparent after discussing my overall health, that lack of deep sleep was the first issue we should consider resolving. Most nights would find me with about 5 hours of sleep and then tossing/turning until dawn.

It took 5 sessions, but the light machine helped me turn a corner that I thought was long gone. Within eight sessions, something in my "inner clock" reset. Now, around 9:30 p.m., my system starts to wind down and by the time my head hits the pillow, I'm typically asleep for 7 to 7 & 1/2 hours.

I'm mid-way through my second series and we're now working on rejuvenation; slowly reducing the swelling under both eyes and resetting my body's rhythm after a grueling two months of long hours with no weekends off. I know the lights have helped on many levels because in spite of rigorous demands on mental, physical and emotional levels, I've stayed WELL while my co-workers came down with every form of cold and/or flu around me." Mindy
Scotts Valley

"I have been known to be a skeptic. But, thanks to The Connection Magazine, I have been introduced to several "alternative" experiences that have added joy and comfort to my life. Adora Deva's Light Therapy is one of these experiences which I am so excited to share with you. I have major sleep problems. A good night's sleep has evaded me for years. I went for one Light Therapy Session with Adora...and, I actually fell asleep on the table! When I awakened, my body and mind felt like I had actually slept for hours! Then, Adora gave me a glass of cool water with a tangerine essential oil adding a wonderful conclusion to the therapy! If you need rest, sleep, ease of aches and pains, I urge you to see Adora. Her kindness and sincere interest in your complete well being is so evident. You will be rewarded with the benefi ts of her services, and you will enjoy her as well!!" DJSanta Cruz

"After my first two sessions I noticed my wrinkles and fine lines fading. Being an esthetician I am always working on improving my skin, and using the light therapy has been remarkable. The real wonder was using the relief program for pain and swelling in my knee. I had been unable to flex fully or put pressure on my knee. After one relief treatment the swelling and pain had gone down substantially. The words out of my mouth were “ this is nothing short of a miracle” . After the second treatment my knee looked close to normal and I have increased flexibility and increased ability to add pressure and walk normally." Lynn, Aptos, CA

"I started using Light Therapy with Adora about a month ago, just completing my 5th session. From the first session forward, I notice a change in my sleeping / waking patterns. For the first time in several years, I wake up feeling refreshed and ready to start the day". Deena , Santa Cruz, CA

"When I went to see Adora I was in my first trimester pregnancy and experiencing terrible fatigue, nausea, and muscle pain and neck tension. Her massage in combination with the Advanced light treatments immediately helped my body’s discomfort. Simultaneously, they raised my emotional vibration to a state where I was able to tolerate the changes in my life better. I've seen a lot of other practitioners for the same pains and aches, but the truth is Adora has the golden touch and an unusual "knowing" presence. I highly recommend all of her services if you are in a need of a holistic healing." — Fani, Santa Cruz, CA

"When I came to see Adora for my Light Therapy Session, I had been running around all morning and was a stress case. As soon as I lay down for my treatment, all the stress melted away. I left feeling refreshed, renewed and reinvigorated. That night I had the best night sleep I had in weeks. I highly recommend this efficient able method of taking care of body and mind." — Linda, Santa Cruz, CA

"When I had a Lomi Lomi session I felt like I was being birthed and had wings like I was floating. Your touch was so gentle and nurturing, I felt I was surrounded in infinite love. I had many visions flowing in my center of awareness. My experience was a flawless and seamless integration of a warm waterfall of touch and gentle movements that felt nourishing for the body, mind and soul!" — Stephanie, Scotts Valley, CA

"Adora brings to her healing practice a gentle, compassionate strength. She offers a loving, nurturing touch as she gives a massage. The G5 machine is fabulous. Adora is also very knowledgeable in the field of hypnotherapy. She carries the wisdom of over 25 years of experience in the medical-corporate world as well as a mother of 2 grown children. Adora is deeply dedicated to supporting individuals on their path. To receive a session with Adora is to receive being loved." — Rainya, Santa Cruz, CA

" I saw Adora for a Hypnotherapy session and found it be very healing and transformative. She was very tuned in to my state and was able to make suggestions that were easily accepted by my being. I walked away with several suggestions that still float into my consciousness today." — Lisa, Santa Cruz, CA

"I am so incredibly grateful for my healing sessions with Adora Deva! After the first Light Treatment, I walked away feeling extraordinarily integrated, and inexplicably grounded in my body. Such visceral change I had only previously encountered with EMDR. Adora's gentle, intuitive, and radiant presence, combined with the treatment itself, makes for a profound and restorative experience. This is nothing less than soul retrieval!" — Vanessa, Santa Cruz, CA

"I received an absolutely extraordinary Lomilomi massage from Adora and George which felt like my body was dancing in whipped cream. The Hawaiian music that was played during my session transported me to a beautiful Hawaiian beach. My body, mind and soul were on vacation. I was completely absorbed in luxuriating into the experience and came out relaxed, refreshed and calm. I can highly recommend this treatment." — Marcia , Santa Cruz, CA

"Adora will change your life, one cell at a time. My experience is always so nurturing and healing I feel like I am being held by so much love that healing naturally happens." — Yolanda, Aptos, CA

"Your healing hands and manner have induced a delightful peacefulness and relaxation--deep in the cellular level. You have the gift of the healer who brings forth the highest healing intention for the benefit of others in the midst of life stresses. " — Barbara, Soquel, CA

"Adora gives the most Blissful massages! I’ve been to many upscale spa resorts and received a wide variety of massages; but none can compare to Adora’s healing hand techniques. She enhances her massages with a loving and nurturing spiritual element that carries one beyond traditional massages, leaving both the mind and body feeling totally relaxed and serene." — Kathy, Watsonville, CA

"I wanted to share my incredible experience with Adora's light therapy. I won some free treatments at her Open House and after only two sessions, I am sleeping better than I have in 15 years! I don't know much about it, but the Theta waves are helping me sleep 4 hours at a time vs. the 1-2 hours I've had for years. My sleep is deeper (REM sleep) and when I wake up my body feels so relaxed, like dead weight, which is something I haven't felt in many years. I've tried everything natural under the sun and some wonderful suggestions Adora has had. The other positive thing, is I think it's balancing my Vata and Pitta. After only one session, I noticed a tremendous reduction in stress in my mind and body. I'm more productive at work and it kind of feels like I felt years ago when I took a small dose of a thyroid medication. I'm just happy that I'm sleeping and wanted to share this." — Theresa, Scotts Valley, CA


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