~ Hawaiian Temple Bodywork – Lomilomi Ke Ala Hoku  ~

Hawaiian Temple BodyworkLomilomi Ke Ala Hoku is a deeply relaxing, sacred, prayerful and healing bodywork which is based on the shamanic healing practices of the ancient Hawaiian Kahunas (shamanic healers).

During your sacred Lomilomi journey, you will enter the profound, vital peace and bliss of this Being that is you, and there discover and experience what cannot be described in words. This Journey is one of reconnecting, experientially, to your own Divine nature, as the profound and pure, ecstatic bliss that speaks of your soul, your essence, beyond word and concept.

The Hawaiian Temple Bodywork or 'Temple Style' tradition of Lomilomi was originally inspired and practiced by the Kahuna in the royal temples of ancient Hawai’i where Lomlomi was used to soothe and heal the Hawaiian Kings (Ali'i), royal family and members of the royal court. It also served as a powerful Rite-of-Passage ceremony for important transitions in life. The term Ke Ala Hoku means 'pathway to the stars' or 'journey that carries you home' and refers to the profound physical and spiritual healing affects of this Hawaiian Temple Bodywork tradition of Lomilomi.

Lomilomi as a Healing Modality and Form of Bodywork

Two of Lomilomi's traditional applications include shamanic healing by the Kahuna la’au lapa’au (spiritual healers) and for restorative, manipulative therapy. Lomilomi assists the release of physical and mental blockages to energy flow. While simultaneously, it gives the energy flows, and their associated idea flows, new direction, vitality and possibility. On the physical level, Lomilomi promotes the free and abundant flow of life force energy (mana) in the recipient. Stress and tension are relieved, blood and lymph flows are increased and toxin elimination from cells, tissues and organs is stimulated.

On deeper levels, Lomilomi brings about mental, emotional and spiritual healing as well. Lomilomi relaxes the entire being and assists the letting go of old, limiting beliefs and behaviors by providing new neurologic maps stored in the cerebral cortex that are linked to the cells of our body. This effectively makes possible transformations in our awareness and experience of our freedom of being and aliveness, which expresses itself as health, well being, and the presence of the divine in life. When healing is effected on one level, all levels are affected. The life affirming and healing effects of Lomlomi continue long after the session is over.

Hawaiian Temple Bodywork – Lomilomi Ke Ala Hoku is called Journey to the Stars. During a session, traditional Lomilomi practitioners may use the palms, forearms, fingers, elbows, knees, and feet to help the body release physical stress and move energy in the body. Learn more about a Lomilomi Ke Ala Hoku session.

Lomilomi as a Sacred Rite-of-Passage
Hawaiian Temple Bodywork combines prayer and manipulative therapy into a sacred, ceremonial form of bodywork that brings about profound levels of peace and well-being, empowers realignment of your intentions and purpose in life and helps manifest your heart’s desire.

As in ancient Hawaiian culture, using Hawaiian Temple Bodywork as a rite-of-passage, not only honors important moments of life's transitions in a beautiful and sacred way, it also can call forth and generate new vision, intentions and possibilities in life. This sacred and magical bodywork allows you to reconnect with your inner guidance and revitalize your physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual bodies to realign with your divinely intended purpose and manifest your heart's desires.

Profound Effects of Lomilomi
In Hawaiian Temple Bodywork Lomilomi, your whole being is accepted and honored in its natural unity. By aligning with divine, unconditional love and acceptance (aloha) whose source is within, the Lomilomi practitioner creates a sacred space of nurturing love, peace, and safety in which the recipient is invited to completely trust, let go and receive, or become one with what is, in this moment (Ho‘oponopono – the practice of coming into alignment with truth). You then can recognize and experience this deep state of peace, healing and well being as your natural state of spiritual wholeness.

Those who have experienced it know the real meaning of Ke Ala Hoku, “the journey that carries you home.” It will take you into the bliss essence of your own Being – your own true nature beyond the layers of your conditioned identities – and when experienced with two simultaneous practitioners, it is in a word, 'mind-blowing'. The only way to truly know Hawaiian Temple Bodywork – Lomilomi Ke Ala Hoku is to experience it. Come try it and see for yourself – 'Hele Mai', 'Hele Mai'! (Come and see, come and see!) You will love it.
Thus, a Hawaiian Temple Bodywork – Lomilomi Ke Ala Hoku session can be a beautiful and sacred gift to give yourself or another. Many people choose to receive this bodywork on a regular basis to empower and support their deeper purpose to be all that they are, and powerfully open to all that they can be.


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