~ Description of Session of Lomilomi Ke Ala Hoku Session  ~  

The Hawaiian Temple Bodywork session, Lomilomi Ke Ala Hoku is called Journey to the Stars, as the recipient goes so deeply into states of relaxation and bliss. The session begins with the client setting an intention for the session, or stating any desired healing or their heart's desire that they intend to have fulfilled. The Ke Ala Hoku practitioners offer prayer in Hawaiian and English for the fulfillment of the desired intention and hold that intention with a vision of fulfillment for the recipient during the session.

The practitioners' rhythmic breathwork and body movement (Ka lele or 'healing flight') around the Lomilomi table assists the energy (mana) flow within the practitioner as well as the recipient. The recipient lies directly on the table and during the prayerful opening ritual receives a gently applied layer of warm extra virgin olive and thinning lavender oil blend on their body (fragrance-free is also available). In the Ke Ala Hoku form, rather than being covered completely by a full sheet, there is usually no covering sheet used, or the recipient can be partially covered by a small sheet or folded white towels. Heaters are used to keep the room warm while beautiful and inspiring Hawaiian music is heard gently in the background.

Lomilomi Ke Ala Hoku is given with flowing movement and energy using long, continuous, flowing strokes, and sacred, loving touch. Different parts of the body are often worked on at the same time. This assists the recipient in totally relaxing as it is virtually impossible to keep track of the different movements simultaneously occurring. This naturally takes the recipient even deeper as the mind must stop thinking about what is happening and simply feels and experiences being in the on-going, bliss-filled moment (Manawa – the power of being in this moment).


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