~ G5® Massage System ~  

Are you in pain, achy sore muscles?
Now you can soothe those sore muscles and more
with the G5® deep physical relaxation and healing therapy.

State-of-the-art G5® Massage Therapy System

The G5® Massage Therapy System available at Life Spirit Healing is a reliable and effective therapeutic massage device. It is designed to re-create the therapeutic action of manual massage, and achieves more therapeutic and cosmetic results in the same amount of time.

If you only have a short amount of time and want optimum results this is the perfect massage for you. A half hour session combined with Light Therapy is a wonderful way to nurture yourself and it feels quite delightful.

The G5 does not replace traditional manual techniques; rather it helps practitioners provide more effective massage therapies for their clients.

The G5, sometimes called the G5 Medical Massage System, is used world-wide in many health and wellness fields which include: physical therapeutic treatment, spa and beauty, alternative or complimentary healing, respiratory therapy, chiropractic and sports medicine.

Physical Body Therapies and Advantages of Using the G5

  • Deep muscle relaxation – deep tissue manipulation provides much faster healing and greater comfort.

  • Muscle spasm relief – relaxes muscles which then allows for manual or mechanical manipulation of the area.

  • Soft tissue injuries – promotes mobility within the tissue
    structures to reduce atrophy and adherent scars.

  • Scar tissue reduction – increases circulation allowing new blood
    to enter and repair cells and collagen fibers to rebuild the muscle.

  • Reducing edema – increases circulation by means of heat generation;
    assists in mobilizing edema fluids from an area helping to restore mobility.

  • Lymphatic drainage and detoxification – provides detoxification of
    lymphatic systems by mobilizing lymphatic fluids and draining excess
    tissue fluids.

  • Circulatory stimulation – higher frequency vibration causes vascular
    dilation resulting in increased blood flow bringing nutrients and oxygen
    to localized areas.

  • Increased range-of-motion – by reducing edema and relaxing muscle
    swelling that can occur during inactivity.

  • Pain reduction in area of treatment – by mobilizing lactic acid, and
    (with higher frequency vibration) releases endorphins, resulting in
    pain-relief in area of treatment.

Use in Cosmetic and Spa Treatments

  • Stress relief through general muscle relaxation

  • Cellulite reduction

  • Exfoliation

  • Head and facial massage

  • Slimming and reducing

Use in Alternative Healing Treatments

  • Quickly brings deep relaxation of muscles

  • Trigger point therapy

  • Acupressure point stimulation

Details of Some of the G5's Treatment Capabilities:

Deep Muscle Relaxation Treatments:
G5 deep muscle relaxation therapy helps heal tired, strained or damaged muscles. Aches and pains can be the result of muscle tightness that can be manipulated by the G5 at a deep tissue level. This helps faster and better healing with greater comfort.

For sports enthusiasts, it is important to maintain the vital condition of the muscles to maximize athletic performance. The G5 can provide this repair and deep tissue treatment for optimal sports performance and movement flexibility.

General Soft Tissue Injury Treatments:
Many people suffer muscle injury or strain due to repetitive work activities, and improper sitting or standing postures. The G5 helps to manipulate the soft tissue of the body to produce the desired healing effects on the nervous and muscular

Cellulite Reduction Treatments:
This therapy uses the G5 on specific cellulite problem areas to redistribute cellulite globules in the deeper levels of the skin. When combined with good diet and exercise, this treatment provides great improvement to the tone and texture of the skin.

Lymphatic Drainage Treatments:
This therapy
helps drain the lymphatic system which is the body's waste disposal system. Thus, when a person becomes tired or ill, the lymphatic system can become sluggish and an excess of waste material can remain at different sites in the body.

Lymphatic drainage therapy helps move the lymph fluid along the drainage corridors and stimulates the lymph nodes to clean out the system.
Once excess lymphatic waste has been drained and expelled from the lymphatic system and body tissues, it leaves more room for oxygenated blood, white blood cells and healing repair mechanisms to continue the body's natural cleansing processes.

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