~ Advanced Photon Light Therapy ~  
Benefits of Advanced LED Light Therapy:

Traditional photo therapy has been used successfully for years by dermatologists for treating skin problems, by sport medicine clinics for treating injuries and wellness centers for relieving body aches and pains.

Each 30-minute blissful light therapy session with the DreamSpa can give you what feels like a good night's rest and may provide many of these benefits:

  • Significant Improvements in Sleep Patterns
    Profound Physical & Mental Stress Relief – promotes deep relaxation
  • Mood Lifting – reduces depression, mental fatigue, helps with jet lag ... feel the
    joy rising!
  • Increased Energy – Recharges your body like a battery for vitality.
  • Relief of Aches and Pains – speeds healing, reduces inflammation.
  • Cosmetic Rejuvenation – Anti-Aging light facial, stimulating collagen production that reduces wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Brain Rebooting
  • Helps with Mental Clarity

Many clients report they feel and see benefits even with just the first light session. Remember that the benefits of light therapy sessions tend to be accumulative and increase with repeated sessions.

How Safe is it?

LEDs are completely safe, highly effective and non-invasive, giving you impressive and very affordable results without any of the negative side effects or healing down-time, gently and naturally.

Experiencing the Light Therapy Session Itself

It takes only 30 minutes to 'jump-start’ the body's own synergistic, natural healing and anti-aging processes as well as it gives you what feels like a full night's rest.

In addition to the health, cosmetic and pain relief benefits of Photon therapy, is the wonderfully relaxing experience of the session itself. During light sessions, many clients experience a radiant glow and report states of blissful well-being, profound relaxation, more energy, increased mental and intuitive clarity, deep stress relief, and a new sense of well-being.

Deep-Theta Brainwave Enhancement

Studies show that when you are not deeply resting your brain these areas of your life might be affected:

Energy / Mental Clarity / Brain Fog Fatigue / Weight Gain / Loss of Quality of Life

Beta Brainwaves - 14-20 cycles per second
Alpha Brainwaves - 8-13 cycles per second
Theta Brainwaves - 4-8 cycles per second
High Delta Brainwaves - 3-4 waves per second
Deep Delta Brainwaves - .5-2 waves per second

With the DreamSpa Light Therapy's brainwave entrancement feature, the brain is able to set aside its conditioned beta brainwave state and shifts into a naturally more relaxing, creative and self-healing state-of-mind using alpha, theta and deep theta brainwave activity.

Enhancing Your Brain's Own Self-Healing Power

Brains naturally resonate or become synchronized (entrained) to specific frequencies that occur around them – like two tuning forks of the same pitch begin resonating at the same tone when one is struck. Brainwave ‘entrainment’ to specific frequencies in our environment occurs naturally.

By using the 'entrainment' principle in our light system's programs, we naturally encourage mind states that are deeper, more relaxed, healing states of consciousness. These states occur as we move from our daily thinking state-of-mind, like running errands, working, etc. (beta), to soothing relaxation and calm (alpha), to profound mental stress release, and mental clarity (theta), and to profoundly significant physiological stress release (deep theta).

Three Therapeutic Brainwave Programs to Choose From and Two Without Brainwave Entrancement Feature

The Renew Program
Stimulates ultra-healing for the entire body while boosting
the production of collagen in the face, noticeably reducing wrinkles and repairing aged skin. Most people will see
and feel a difference after the very first session. This
program also provides renewed energy, regeneration the body's cellular vitality and deep sense of well-being.

The Body Relief Program

Provides systemic (full body) pain relief by reducing inflammation, nerve stress and muscle tightness, which
helps relieve physical and emotional stress. Relaxing
like taking a siesta. BodyRelief also reduces the effect
of allergies.

The Blue Calm Program

Provides Profound Stress Relief. It is great for the Winter
Blues and depression.Helps reduce acne. Helps
alleviate jet lag and brain fog. Sleep enhancement —
feels like you’ve had the most wonderfully restful nap.

Would you like more energy and vitality, and radiant skin? Then try the Renew Program. Would you like to elevate your mood, reduce some of your stress, and get deep rest? Then come in for a relaxing Blue Calm treatment. And if you are in some kind of discomfort, come in and try the Body Relief program. You can experience profound healing from the inside out. The proof is in the pudding as it’s in the experience itself!

Sessions are ½ hour and can be combined with Massage, Energy Work and Hypnotherapy. For session and pricing: see scheduling sessions and pricing page.

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